Plush Dog Bed


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Note: As the dog bed needs to be compressed during packaging (to avoid being too large), this will cause temporary deformation. The normal shape can be restored by the method in the picture: shake it gently and smooth the edge with your hand to make it return to its normal shape.

【Product Description】

Made of long plush, super soft and super warm.
Comfortable touch, 3 cm long plush hair, pets love to sleep on it.
Pure color with cute design, it is a nice looking bed.
Portable and lightweight.
Easy to clean and wash.
Non-toxic material with no smell, pets will easily adjust to it.


Material: Long Plush
Color: 14 kinds.

【Recovery method】

Please open the package and arrange the cat bed as shown in the picture below, with the black bottom facing the floor.
The plush side faces up.
Press the middle, and then pull up the surrounding circle to restore the three-dimensional.
Then gently rub the surface to make the fluff more evacuated.
This will restore the shape.



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