Dog Bed Sofa


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Dog Bed Sofa Round Plush Mat For Dogs Large Labradors Cat House Pet Bed Dcpet Best Dropshipping Center 2021 Best Selling Product

Made of long plush, super soft and super warm.
Comfortable touch, around 4 cm long plush hair, pets love to sleep on it.
Easy to clean and wash.

Size : Outside diameter
XS:diameter 40cm fit for pet less than 2.5KG
S:diameter 50cm fit for pet less than 5KG
M:diameter 60cm fit for pet less than 9KG
L:dameter 70cm fit for pet less than 18KG
XL:diameter 80cm fit for pet less than 25KG
XXL:diameter 100cm fit for less 35kg

Material : Long Plush and inside filling is PP cotton ,bottom is anti slip

Colors :Total 14 colors for choose,you will find what you like
Dark grey ,light grey, light coffee ,pink, Beige yellow, Red ,rose, blue, colorful,green,dark coffee,beige yellow ,purple

1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement ,the size refer to the outside diameter of the pet bed including the long plush

2.Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration as the different placement of pictures.

3.The product maybe out of shape due to the long and heavy extrusion during the shipping, large bed, like 70cm/80cm may be more flat when you received.You can simply rub the extrued part a few times,and it will return to the normal shape.Or try to manually adjust the product shape.

Package included :1pcs ped bed


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